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Testing at home in the Aramesh laboratory

How is the test service done at the home of Aramesh Lab?

Home lab sampling is a type of home testing in which a Aramesh lab sends a trained health care professional to a person’s home to collect a sample for lab analysis. This can be a good option for people who have trouble going to the lab or who prefer the privacy and comfort of their home.

Free sampling process at home by the 24/7 Aramesh lab

It should be noted that Aramesh Laboratory is one of the top five laboratories with modern laboratory equipment in Saadat Abad area of Tehran and provides sampling service at home for free and without travel fees in 22 districts of Tehran.

It is important to note that not all types of tests can be performed with home sampling and some tests may require more than one sample or additional testing in the laboratory.

If you’re considering home lab sampling, it’s important to check with your healthcare provider to determine if this option is right for your needs, and make sure you understand the preparation instructions and potential risks or side effects of the test.

Aramesh Laboratory is the best and the largest 24/7 laboratory in Tehran, providing all types of disease diagnosis tests at home and at work, covered by all basic and supplementary insurances.

No sampling fee at home for free in Tehran

Corona test with Aramesh

Covid -19

As one of the most reliable laboratory centers in the country, we at the Aramesh Laboratory do our best to provide all kinds of laboratory services such as home corona test, travel corona test and workplace corona test with the presence of experienced experts of the laboratory staff and with government tariffs. We offer and you can request any of these services online from this page or by phone to get the services you need as soon as possible.

تست پاپیلوما

Papilloma test with Aramesh


There are different methods to detect HPV (Human Papillomavirus) such as pap smear and molecular methods. Molecular methods have higher accuracy, sensitivity and speed. It can be used to definitively determine whether a person is a bon carrier or not. Using the test (HPV Genotyping), in addition to detecting the presence or absence of the virus in the patient’s sample, if it is positive, the genotype of the virus can also be determined, which is very important in the follow-up and treatment of the disease.

Insurance under the contract

Testing at home and workplace covered by supplementary and basic insurances

The best and biggest laboratory in Tehran calls health as the most important human asset. Insurance, as a support organization, has the duty of compensating damages in case of an accident. There are also health insurances to compensate the costs of treatment and tests. The very high cost of medical and laboratory services in some diseases makes the treatment process difficult. Therefore, insurance companies have covered the damage caused by diseases to our physical health so that we can easily recover completely. (Sampling at home for free)

You may have thought that the test at home requires paying a high fee, if the test at home is free, in fact, by creating a new service and cooperating with supplemental insurance organizations, the 24/7 Aramesh laboratory of peace has reduced the cost of the test to At the very least, you will have no problem communicating with your insurance company. You can easily contact our experts regarding the use of methods of receiving or deducting the cost of testing.


Airline companies made a deal with the 24/7 Aramesh lab

With the spread of the corona virus in the world, many officials of different countries, including Iran, have been forced to take strict decisions to control the corona virus. One of these decisions is changing the rules of domestic and foreign flights for passengers. Among other documents required for domestic and foreign trips, the PCR test is mandatory for travelers. It should be noted that if the pcr test of corona is positive, they will not be allowed to enter or leave the country.

Aramesh laboratory in Saadat Abad is one of the largest and best laboratories in Tehran, which has added services such as testing at home and workplace to its other services so that passengers can better manage their flight schedule with less worry and peace of mind.